• Fired Fibre

    (7) $5.00

    Broccoli with a smattering of pepper seared over wood fire for a smoky, crunchy bite with a light kick. Who knew broccoli can taste so sumptuous.

    Served with in-house pickled sweet carrots to refresh the palate and complement the smoked meats perfectly.

    Only available as add-on item

  • Molten Dark Choco Brownie

    (10) $8.00$28.00

    Dark chocolate brownie baked in our wood fired smoker with molten chocolate chips and moist interior.

    The subtle wood flavor infuses with the bittersweet delicious chocolate crust to transport you to dessert heaven.

    Roughly 3 cm height.

    120g can feed 1 pax

    Molten Dark Choco Brownie – 150g (slice)
    Molten Dark Choco Brownie – 600g (whole)