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Wood of the week:

Ironbark is similar to Jarrah wood, burning at higher temperatures for longer periods with a subtle smoke flavor.

  • XL OINK Ribs

    (34) $8.00$88.00

    Large U.S pork spare ribs that are smoked for hours with our in-house dry rub to make them juicy, tender and almost fall-off-the-bone.

    Unlike traditional BBQ ribs, we wrap them in our Smokin' Signature Sauce during the cooking process to infuse flavors that are out of this world.

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. Weight includes the bones.

    250g can feed 1-2 pax.

    XL OINK Ribs – 100g (1 rib)
    XL OINK Ribs – 250g (2-3 ribs)
    XL OINK Ribs – 750g (5-6 ribs)
    XL OINK Ribs – 1500g (10-12 ribs)

  • Premium Pulled OINK

    (9) $10.00$68.00

    Premium American pork collar smoked for 8 hours to create a wonderfully flavorful bark surrounding tender pork.

    The pork is shredded and mixed together with the bark to give a varied, succulent texture. Excellent by itself or with sandwiches. 

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. 

    500g can feed 2-3 pax.

    Premium Pulled OINK – 100g
    Premium Pulled OINK – 250g
    Premium Pulled OINK – 500g
    Premium Pulled OINK – 1000g

  • Wagyu MOO Brisket

    (12) $18.00$148.00

    Dry-brined Australian Wagyu brisket with simple seasoning to allow the wood fire to do it's magic.

    Smoked for 8 hours and then wrapped in butcher paper to create a unique textured crust. Served in a combination of lean, yet juicy and marbled, melt-in-your-mouth slices

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. 

    250g can feed 1-2 pax.

    Wagyu MOO Brisket – 100g
    Wagyu MOO Brisket – 250g
    Wagyu MOO Brisket – 500g
    Wagyu MOO Brisket – 1000g

  • Luscious LamBAA Rack

    (0) $48.00$88.00

    Trimmed lamb racks marinated with blend of seasonings to compliment wood fire flavors. Smoked unconventionally to a higher internal temperature that creates a juicy rendered interior.

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. Weight includes the bones.

    250g can feed 1-2 pax.

    Luscious LamBAA Rack – 500g (3-4 ribs)
    Luscious LamBAA Rack – 1000g (7-8 ribs)

  • Colossal MOO Ribs

    (10) $58.00$168.00

    Gigantic U.S Beef short ribs that are dry-brined with simple seasonings to allow the smoke flavors to shine.

    Smoked in our offset smoker for 6 hours to create the most heavenly flavored crust that complements the peppery, juicy marbled meat.

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. Weight includes the bones.

    500g can feed 1-2 pax.

    Colossal MOO Ribs – 500g (1 rib)
    Colossal MOO Ribs – 1500g (full rack)

  • Juicy CLUCK Quarters

    (5) $8.00
    Chicken Leg quarter dry brined and seasoned with a touch of curry powder, which is then smoked low-n-slow to infuse our clean smoke flavors for a moist, juicy bite.
    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce.

    In stock

  • Succulent Smoked SALMON

    (2) $28.00$128.00

    Brazilian Salmon fillet brined before being hot smoked at low temperatures for hours. It is basted by a glaze of honey, butter and herbs to ensure juicy, tender, flaky finish.

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. 

    500g can feed 2-3 pax.

    Succulent Smoked SALMON – 250g
    Succulent Smoked SALMON – 500g
    Succulent Smoked SALMON – 1000g
    Succulent Smoked SALMON – 1500g (full fillet)

  • Fired Fibre

    (7) $5.00

    Broccoli with a smattering of pepper seared over wood fire for a smoky, crunchy bite with a light kick. Who knew broccoli can taste so sumptuous.

    Served with in-house pickled sweet carrots to refresh the palate and complement the smoked meats perfectly.

    Only available as add-on item

  • Molten Dark Choco Brownie

    (10) $8.00$28.00

    Dark chocolate brownie baked in our wood fired smoker with molten chocolate chips and moist interior.

    The subtle wood flavor infuses with the bittersweet delicious chocolate crust to transport you to dessert heaven.

    Roughly 3 cm height.

    120g can feed 1 pax

    Molten Dark Choco Brownie – 150g (slice)
    Molten Dark Choco Brownie – 600g (whole)

  • Whole GOBBLE

    (1) $98.00$138.00

    Whole turkey wet brined, massaged with our herb butter and seasoned with our in-house dry rub before smoking.

    Cooked all the way in our smoker for a smokey, savory, sumptuous and juicy turkey throughout.

    Pre-cooked weight stated. Comes with our in-house Fragrantly Fresh Sauce made with real blueberries.

    3.5kg can feed 4-6 pax

    Whole GOBBLE – 3.5-4kg
    Whole GOBBLE – 4-4.5kg