• XL OINK Ribs

    (34) $8.00$88.00

    Large U.S pork spare ribs that are smoked for hours with our in-house dry rub to make them juicy, tender and almost fall-off-the-bone.

    Unlike traditional BBQ ribs, we wrap them in our Smokin' Signature Sauce during the cooking process to infuse flavors that are out of this world.

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. Weight includes the bones.

    250g can feed 1-2 pax.

    XL OINK Ribs – 100g (1 rib)
    XL OINK Ribs – 250g (2-3 ribs)
    XL OINK Ribs – 750g (5-6 ribs)
    XL OINK Ribs – 1500g (10-12 ribs)

  • Premium Pulled OINK

    (9) $10.00$68.00

    Premium American pork collar smoked for 8 hours to create a wonderfully flavorful bark surrounding tender pork.

    The pork is shredded and mixed together with the bark to give a varied, succulent texture. Excellent by itself or with sandwiches. 

    Comes with our Smokin' Signature Sauce. 

    500g can feed 2-3 pax.

    Premium Pulled OINK – 100g
    Premium Pulled OINK – 250g
    Premium Pulled OINK – 500g
    Premium Pulled OINK – 1000g